And so, it begins…..

So, here it is – my first ever blog to celebrate my return to the country I once swore blind I would NEVER return to. Never. Nope, not in a million years! Yet, five years later, with a whole lot of new and fresh perspective, here I am back in the beautiful land of Sweden. Not that there was ever really anything wrong with Sweden, no, the issues lie deeply set within me!

Living in a country with a language that is not your mother tongue is hard. As an adult it is humiliating, embarrassing and confidence crushing to begin the scary steps of learning a new language. And let’s face it, Swedish is tough! Our set in their ways British mouths just can’t seem to get a grip of the peculiar pronunciation and it’s common knowledge that us ex-pats may well speak fluent Swedish, but it is with an accent as broad as they day we left British soil!

I know from experience that the next few weeks and months will bring so many faux pas that I should perhaps be living in France. I thought, why not allow the humiliation to linger just that little bit longer and share it with the whole world? Well, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at? That’s unless you are Swedish of course – Swedes would never laugh at a poor, struggling, English bird trying to master their language. Well, not out loud, anyway. But, I have often wondered what they think in the confines of their own head. Are they as genuinely kind and non-judgemental as they appear, even when nobody knows what they are thinking? The jury is out on this one, for now….


2 thoughts on “And so, it begins…..

  1. What is your story behind your move there? (I am starting here and following your story through, so if you have mentioned the reason in a later post you don’t need to answer-I will find it!

    • Hi Andy! I haven’t said a great deal about it other than to say that we have moved back because we feel our children will have a better life! We lived in Sweden for nearly 6 years, then moved back to the UK (where we have been for 5 years).

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